Follow-up Comment #6, bug #15728 (project freeciv):

> Couple more cosmetic comments: there are remaining references to
> TM_WORST_TIME in the header comments for pf_danger_map_iterate()
> and pf_fuel_map_iterate() (point 4), and to "turn mode" in the
> header for pf_normal_map_adjust_cost().

Fixed now.

> Can we neglect occupychance? I don't think it matters for
> client-side goto, but does the AI ever rely on path-finding to
> determine where it ends up after an attack? I haven't tried to
> work this out.

This should be a separated bug. It is very easy to take in account
occupychance. I guess that for a human player, it should be taken in account
if occupychance=100 and for an ai player if occupychance>0.


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