2010/3/31 Jacob Nevins <no-reply.invalid-addr...@gna.org>:
> Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1569 (project freeciv):
>> One misspelling occurs in a user-visible string. Should it be fixed in
> 2.2?
> It feels like this can be done with minimal impact to translators if the
> corresponding msgid in all the po-files is updated manually at the same time,
> on the assumption that the translated strings have the correct meaning.
> However, it's not zero impact if any translator is actively working and isn't
> familiar with svn merging, so I haven't tried it.
> I think the least disruptive time to update the msgids would be just after an
> update-po (as that's painful for anyone working on translations anyway).
> (I'm interested as there are some similar minor corrections I want to make
> for S2_2, too.)

I agree, but in this case it seems I must have looked in the wrong
folder, because now I can't find any user-visible "loose" in 2.2. So
it seems there is no such issue. I'm sorry for that.

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