Follow-up Comment #5, bug #15721 (project freeciv):

> I haven't got round to looking into this in any detail, but...
> it seems rather a shame for pf_map_new() to silently ignore some
> of the parameters requested; the error message helped the
> diagnosis of this error.
> Is there any pressing need to apply a fix to S2_2 or trunk,
> where there's no failure caused by this fault at the moment
> (that I know of)?

Ok, there isn't a real need to commit in S2_2 and trunk. Actually, I was
wondering about it.

> If this is a situation that only occurs on S2_1 and this
> combination of path-finding requirements is not likely to be
> needed on S2_2/trunk in the foreseeable future, then a quick
> fix for S2_1 to revert to previous behaviour seems the most
> appropriate (even if the resulting path-finding is not ptimal).

This is exactly what does the patch for S2_1.

> But I admit I don't fully understand the different flavours of
> pathfinding (normal/danger/fuel) yet, nor exactly what danger
> the danger_map is looking for.

The pf_danger_map looks for dangerous tiles (tiles the unit cannot end the
turn end). The pf_fuel_map prevents to go to a destination the unit wouldn't
have fuel reaching it. pf_normal_map is the normal path-finding code.


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