Hello Hogne,

This new version of the Amplio tileset looks very nice.
I'm looking forward to seeing the final version!

Here's a suggestion for a more compact theme-format, which can be useful when transferring the tileset over network connections.


 - Andreas

On Tue, 6 Apr 2010, Hogne Håskjold wrote:

I've started working on an update to the Amplio tileset. I wanted to
incorporate some of the excellent tiles from Freeland and do a general
update on some of the more dated tiles.

Major changes from Amplio:
* New hills
* New mountains
* New desert
* New tundra
* New oasis
* New forest and jungle. The jungle is now drawn as an overlay in the
same way as the forest instead of being a single tile.
* New snow + transitions
* New water transitions
* Cleanup of water<->land transitions (this is a candidate to backport
to Amplio also as that one has numerous cut&paste glitches)
* Many new specials

I have made the new specials larger as I found the old ones a bit
small. This might cause overlap problems which needs to be worked out.

Screenshots and tarball can be found here:

The tarball currently include all the additional gfx from Amplio which
is unchanged (cities, units etc) to be stand-alone.

* Replace the rest of the specials
* Make more variations for the jungle
* Have a look over the misc gfx like fortress, airport etc and update
where needed.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. If the response is positive I
would like to eventually commit this to trunk as a tileset

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