Follow-up Comment #5, bug #16008 (project freeciv):

Maybe it's better to make system lua and/or system tolua options when
configuring Freeciv?

the use of tolua_getmetatable is because of a dependence on tolua's
implementation that I have written in. Specifically,
script_remove_exported_object in script.c that we use to "remove" dead
units/cities from Lua (otherwise we'd leave dangling pointers in Lua
variables and no chance for the scripter to check if a given unit was valid
or not). I don't see an obvious way right now to solve this differently,
since we have no tolua hooks for when objects enter Lua-space. Of course, the
solution works fine with tolua 5.1.2 and 5.1.3.

Leaving tolua in-tree leaves the possibility to modify it (which has some
obvious disadvantages since then we can't go back to standard tolua), the
only suggestion so far was to be able to annotate our Lua API's function
arguments with "not nil" or similar, which would cut away a lot of
boilerplate argument checks in server/scripting/api_*.c


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