Follow-up Comment #19, bug #15400 (project freeciv):

sorry for the late answer; here are additional comments

* I can't reproduce the error using an unpatched version (prior svn17430) and
'-Wl,--no-add-needed'; perhaps this needs a system which was build with this
options, i.e. debian with binutils-gold?

* it was not a configuration failure but an error message printed by the
configure script. As a result the -lm option was not set for SERVER_LIBS and
CLIENT_LIBS; nevertheless the compilation finished (on _my_ system) without
any problems

checking SDL_mixer.h usability... yes
checking SDL_mixer.h presence... yes
checking for SDL_mixer.h... yes
checking for Mix_OpenAudio in -lSDL_mixer... yes
checking building SDL_mixer support... yes
checking for GGZ library: libggz... no
checking for GGZ library: libggz... (cached) no
./configure: line 35474: -lm: command not found
./configure: line 35479: -lm: command not found
checking for gethostbyaddr in -lbind... no
checking readline/readline.h usability... yes
checking readline/readline.h presence... yes
checking for readline/readline.h... yes
checking for completion_matches in -lreadline... yes


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