Follow-up Comment #4, bug #16129 (project freeciv):

Ok, here is a suggestion.

Some points about specific nations:
- The conflicting nations I removed from the Soviet nationset were countries
that gained independence from Russia after the 1917 and were gobbled up later
(somewhere between 1920 and 1940, depending on the country) by the Soviets, so
they coexisted for some time with the Soviet Union (and most of them fought
wars with them).
- Catalans actually tried to achieve independence from Spain by force several
times since the Spanish state was formed, while (to my knowledge) Galicians,
Asturians, etc. never made a serious attempt. That's why the Galicians and
Asturians should conflict with the Spanish, but the Catalans not.
- The conflicting nations for the Germans are borderline cases. Basically it
depends on what your definition of 'German' is, with the German League and
the Holy Roman empire and all that. 

I also changed some civil_war nations to nations that make some more sense.

(file #9276)

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