> i think git is a linux thing, it's not very popular on my platform
> (netbsd). i'll stick to svn.

I skipped svn and did go from cvs directly to git ;-) I have to know a little 
svn to commit patches to freeciv but that's it.

> i have asked maho to make a separate branch for me, to allow me to
> create patches more easily. on my todo list are:
>   nocitytrade - no city trade
>   notechtrade - no tech trade
>   ipauth - optional autorization based on ip address
> do you think stuff like that is worthy of freeciv? (not only longturn)

It does not hurt. But I think at some time there will be the problem of to 
many options. I noticed this at the time I added the mapsize options ... but 
I do not have a solution.

If you are in contact with maho perhaps you ask him to create a new branch 
using the patch set in https://gna.org/patch/?1494 and use this as branch for 
the longturn server? There I did a code cleanup and also tried to use as much 
code as possible from mainline (backports from trunk). All new feature of 
longturn are included (also the commented out parts). It could be the branch 
which results into a merge with mainline at the end.

> >> where would i put variables that need to be seen from every .c file in
> >> the server?
> >
> > The file would be ./common/fc_types.h. But you should have a good reason
> > to do something like this.
> a FILE structure, part of that im-notifier that i'm doing with maho
> (waiting for maho to finish his part).

Hm, I don't know that this should be?

As this is interesting for more people, perhaps we could continue the 
discussion on the mailing list? (including the list as CC)

Matthias Pfafferodt - http://www.mapfa.de
Matthias.Pfafferodt <at> mapfa.de

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