On 6 July 2010 12:04, Matthias Pfafferodt <matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de> wrote:
>> >> where would i put variables that need to be seen from every .c file in
>> >> the server?
>> >
>> > The file would be ./common/fc_types.h. But you should have a good reason
>> > to do something like this.
>> a FILE structure, part of that im-notifier that i'm doing with maho
>> (waiting for maho to finish his part).
> Hm, I don't know that this should be?

i thought it would be handy if you were notified about turn ends and
your enemy/ally logging in. a shy patch is attached.

Added two command line options:
-i prog, --im prog
        Name of the program that will handle messages sent to it on stdin.
-n gamename, --name gamename
        Gamename is the first argument to prog, it should identify the game.

Added a new procedure:
void im_freelog(FILE *pipe, const char *message, ...);
        The first argument must be "im_pipe" or some other fopen file 
        The rest is printf-like.

A sample script "script.pl" is included.
Usage: civserver -i script.pl -n longturn.ex

it uses posix functionality so i guess it's unacceptable for freeciv.

Michal Mazurek

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