On 10 August 2010 20:46, Egor Vyscrebentsov <evy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Good day!
> Are there any thoughts on to support or not to support XDG Base
> Directory Specification[1]?

 I agree with the idea that one program (Freeciv is considered one
program even though it has technically separate server and client
executables) stuffing several files directly to user home directory is
not nice behavior.

 I have been thinking moving all the generated files under ~/.freeciv/
hierarchy. Compared to XDGBDS it would have benefit of removal of all
freeciv related files with single 'rm -Rf ~/.freeciv' command. That's
not to say that I'm against XDGBDS. Could you sell XDGBDS to me, to
list some pros (and maybe cons too)?

 - ML

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