Oh... There is a Württembergian Ruleset?

Okay then perhaps you should use this name - "württembergian" - if I 
overthink it, there could be people from Augsburg etc. in Bavaria, who 
also call themselves swabians, and perhaps they could vote against this 
ruleset because they feel kept out :)

Because most swabians live in Württemberg, there are mostly the same as 
in this würtembergian ruleset.

I do not know the quality of it, but perhaps there is a way to merge 
those two rulesets!

Do you have a link to it? I could contact the creator and work together 
with him.

No, the swabian/württembergian flag is the one I used, there is no other!

Am 13.08.2010 07:33, schrieb J.M. Maalderink:
> Update of patch #1467 (project freeciv):
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> Follow-up Comment #1:
> There are Badians and Württembergians by now...
> But Swabians can nonetheless be added as well.
> There are still some issues though. The leaders seem to be mostly famous
> people from Swabia or with Swabian background. Hermeric or Van Stauffenberg
> are ok to me, but I'm not sure about Kepler or Einstein. Could you make a
> list with Swabian leaders or people that were otherwise of political/military
> relevance in Swabia?
> Also the flag needs to be in .svg, the .png ones you have added look very
> similar to the Saxon one. Is there a also Swabian flag that is not
> black-yellow?
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