Follow-up Comment #3, bug #16426 (project freeciv):

>Do you mean "in a custom ruleset"?
Yes I do, sorry for the confusion.

I have to disagree with the attached fix, though. The NoPollution flag only
affects pollution, not nuclear fallout. Is it possibly hardcoded that fallout
never hits oceanic tiles?

tile_clear_dirtiness(ptile) clears both pollution and fallout. So, the fix
should go inside it and make only the clearing of pollution dependent on the
NoPollution flag. Unless the fallout is also made to obey the NoPollution
flag or given a flag of it's own. But that would be another issue, woulnd't
it. So, things being as they are at the moment, the fallout should still be
cleared regardless of NoPollution flag.


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