Follow-up Comment #3, bug #16442 (project freeciv):

Hi. I  have a remark about this bugfix for Great Library in teamed games. The
consequence of this bugfix will be that GB will only be a strategy if there is
3 or more teams in the game, that means there must be 6 or more players. As
the state of online freeciv gaming are at the moment, there are seldom more
then 2 teams. This bugfix will simply remove Great Library as a strategy
(Great Library is a great strategy to slow down and control researchspeed).

So, what if we make Great Library available for all in teamed games? What if
the rules are tweaked so that a team with a Great Library block other teams
with a Great Library from gaining tech from them. This will reintroduce Great
Library as a strategy, but only giving tech and slowing down researchspeed
until all teams have a Great Library.



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