Summary: borders and  peace treaty
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            Submitted on: Saturday 08/28/2010 at 16:39
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under normal circumstances no units except to workers,settlers and diplomats
(maybe someone else?) can enter borders of other nation you have a peace
treaty with.
But sometimes if the other nation build a city near where your troops are,
your troops can be catch inside the border (see pictures and savegame). in
the example they will be able to move outside the borders, but if border will
expand further they cannot move anymore (it happens to me), because they
cannot move inside other nation because of peace treaty.
maybe these units can be moved outside nation's borders and if there are no
free tiles (ie: only sea around new borders) disbanded (with money paid back
to owner)

should workers and settlers be allowed to enter other nations' border while
at peace? I think it's because they are nonmilitary units like diplomats, but
I think diplomats (and spies) should be allowed but not workers (or at least,
they should be forbidden to build anything - like fortresses)

add an option similar to "give sea/world map" in order to allow a player to
enter you own border; in case of that player decide to backstab you and
declares war, his troops will be moved outside your border or (better)
disbanded (imagine your army catching them immediately)


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