Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16565 (project freeciv):

BUG sounds like the existing bug #15339. We don't seem to have figured out
the right answer to this one yet.

How is WISH2 different from an Alliance (except for the actions when the
treaty is broken, of which your first option is more or less equivalent to
CivIV "open borders")?

The WISH, which I think is for a specific unit flag to be able to ignore
diplomatic restrictions on movement, is new, I think; currently it's tied up
in NonMil, which also affects happiness.

> Please note that even though settlers and workers aren't 
> military units, they can still be used to perform passive-
> aggressive warfare, basically by blocking access to certain 
> tiles within the other nation's borders. So if you allow 
> peaceful nations' non-military units within your borders, you 
> open up for abuse of the peace treaty without risk of formal 
> repercussions.
That seems to be where we are...


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