Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16597 (project freeciv):

(Oops, the comment about testing was a lie; as you can see from the savegame,
I did test it after all.)

Making find_palace(), and possibly is_capital(), use that information instead
would be a nice solution; I think it's reasonable to always know the name of
someone's capital if you have diplomatic contact with them.

However, I don't think there's anything that forces EFT_CAPITAL_CITY to be
associated with a small wonder. (Although all the alternatives I can think of
would expose shortcomings of the effect system, I suspect; for example, I'm
guessing that a unique unit that you could move between your cities wouldn't
update corruption across the empire whenever it moved. So perhaps we could
just document that it should be a small wonder for now.)

You'd still to able to see multiple apparent Palaces, as in the savegame, but
the capital flagging I suggest in bug #16596 would take care of that.


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