Follow-up Comment #3, bug #16623 (project freeciv):

I found the reference. [url=]RFC
3493[/url], which defines IPv6 sockets, explains that 'The gethostbyname2()
function was deprecated in RFC 2553 and is no longer part of the basic API.'

I suppose that someone deleted gethostbyname2() from <netdb.h>, but left
gethostbyname2() in the library for backward compatibility with old programs.
Then the replacement of gethostbyname2() with getaddrinfo() might fix this


net_lookup_service() returns only one address, but getaddrinfo() returns a
linked list of addresses. I designed my patch for bug #15559 to use multiple
calls to net_lookup_service() to build an array of addresses. My idea is that
someone will replace the multiple calls to net_lookup_service() with a single
call to getaddrinfo().


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