Follow-up Comment #4, bug #16623 (project freeciv):

I made a patch that replaces gethostbyname2() with getaddrinfo().

However, I run OpenBSD, so I cannot determine if this patch fixes this bug
with Microsoft Windows. (I have a different reason to use getaddrinfo(): it
helps fe80::/64 link-local addresses.)

Can the original poster, or anyone with similar Windows system, try this


Freeciv uses net_lookup_service() of netintf.c to get socket addresses. With
this patch, net_lookup_service() uses getaddrinfo() for IPv6 addresses, and
uses inet_aton() or gethostbyname() for IPv4 addresses.

My idea from comment #3, about replacing 'the multiple calls to
net_lookup_service() with a single call to getaddrinfo()', would require much
more refactoring of Freeciv code.

(file #10345, file #10346)

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