Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16677 (project freeciv):

Testing it.

Just let me explain my perception of AI behavior BEFORE this patch (playing
with gold upkeep for every unit):

- gold_upkeep_style = 2: the AI seems to build improvements and units with no
restrictions, and they reach negative income soon in game.

- gold_upkeep_style = 0: the units reduce the balance of gold in each city.
AI seems to avoid the construction of improvements in cities with negative
(or low) balance of gold, and they build units instead, that reduce even more
the gold production. At the end, most cities only build barracks, city walls,
aqueducts and such essential buildings.

- gold_upkeep_style = 1: AI build improvements same than with shield upkeep.
Most of the time the AI keeps a balanced gold income and positive treasure.
It looks like if AI would manage perfectly the gold upkeep.
But... when the size of army supported by gold is too high, some AIs enter
banckrupt losing most of the improvements in their cities. I have adjusted my
custom ruleset so it rarely happens, and I find this gold_upkeep_style = 1
very playable.

Later I'll comment my new impressions WITH this Patch.


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