Follow-up Comment #5, bug #16677 (project freeciv):

I tested the patch a bit before it was included in the trunk.

I observed the AI playing the same game with each different
gold_upkeep_style, and same seed. And it seems now AI behaviour does not
depend on gold_upkeep_style, at least I didn't differentiate it. This patch
seems to fix what I reported.

I also noticed some changes to AI, I'd say it has been improved someway
compared to 2.2.2. At least it seems AI build more improvements than before.
Something I did not like is how often the AIs build "coinage" in their
cities, even when they do not seem to need it. Once I saw 6 out of 6 cities
building coinage, and income would have been positive even if no city would
produce that coinage.
I already noticed in 2.2.2 cities that do not grow (food=0) use to build
coinage, and there used to be always some AI city building coinage. But now
the percentage of cities building "coinage" seems more exaggerated.

I'm not sure if related to this patch. Anyway, I'd say the AI has improved
compared to 2.2.2.


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