Matthias Pfafferodt writes:
> One question to your version:
> Am Sunday 10 October 2010 21:44:26 schrieb Jacob Nevins:
> > When a patch is ready, it must be posted to the bug tracker and the
> > ticket status set to ''Ready For Test''. Allow an adequate period of
> > time in this state for comments (minimum 36 hours).
> >
> > If there are comments, the patch should be modified accordingly and
> > reposted by one of the interested parties. After reposting, the ticket
> > status should once again be set to ''Ready For Test'' and time allowed
> > for re-review (minimum 24 hours). Iterate.
> What it the status between these two steps? If it is ''Ready For Test'' all 
> the time it will be hard to distinguish between both steps.

I don't think we need to distinguish successive iterations,
particularly. Just don't commit until a new version of a patch has been
up for review for at least 24 hours without anyone suggesting any more

If the required rework is substantial (several days' work), I'd expect
the ticket might go back to "In Progress", but I don't see a need to
force this for quick updates -- it'll just generate noise on the lists.

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