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Follow-up Comment #6:

The attached patch fixes all the en_GB words in translatable strings in the
source that I found on a quick look. They are replaced with what I believe to
be the en_US equivalents.

It also updates en_GB.po to preserve the words (but not to translate
previously untranslated words). To ensure I was up to date, I ran "make
update-po" first, so the patch may not apply cleanly to the en_GB.po in svn.
Before applying this, I may run and commit "make update-po" across all
translations, or I can do it just for en_GB.po if anyone objects.

I've also attached "corrections.po", which might allow automated
defuzzification of existing (non-English) translations per this procedure
(I don't think there are any changes here that will need translator review).
However, last time I tried this I ran into trouble with character encodings
and fixing up took longer than doing it by hand; if I run into this again, I
probably won't try to update other translations, so there will be fuzzies.

(file #10980)

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