Follow-up Comment #7, bug #16971 (project freeciv):

Here is the almost-minimal patch that fixes the strings only, but doesn't
rename the concept internally. Also fixed a couple of bugs:
* One string was not marked as translatable.
* In GTK client, the menu item was never greyed out for units incapable of
transformation (i.e., most of them) -- it was lost in patch #1315. This would
only have added to the confusion :)
** (I didn't notice this before as the Freeciv Gtk theming currently looks
awful on my computer -- I haven't reported a bug yet as I haven't worked out
whose fault it is.)

Also, I notice that only the Gtk client knows about unit
transformation/conversion currently. If we are to fix that it'll need doing
for the string freeze, so I'll look at that next.

(file #11290)

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