Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17124 (project freeciv):

Guide to the screenshots attached:
* file #11321: The opening screen. There's nothing wrong with this; I assume
this is how it's intended to look.
* file #11322: However, things start going wrong in the pregame. We have an
ugly rectangle hugging the settings and greyness outside, and an uneven grey
rectangle around the bitwise option; worse, hovering the mouse over certain
widgets turns them a vivid dark blue, which in addition to being weird, makes
their dark text unreadable.
** (file #11323: Unlike the others, this is S2_2. The ugly-rectangles problem
is even worse in S2_2.)
* file #11324: Once the game has started, certain server options are greyed
out. Except that some widgets appear to have gone a bright cyan instead.
What's that about?
* file #11325: The menus are the worst interaction with the
light-text-on-dark-background Ambiance theme. Active menu items are
black-text-on-dark-background and almost unreadable; inactive ("greyed-out")
come out light-on-dark with an ugly drop shadow, and stand out much more,
which is the wrong way round.
* file #11326: Checkboxes on dark menus are light-brown-on-grey so it's
almost impossible to see if they're checked.
* file #11327: Tabs on the main window have more ugly text-hugging brown
* file #11328: More ugly rectangles show up in the city dialog, in various


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