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Follow-up Comment #1:

A couple of comments:

- Thanks for improvements to leader and city lists.

- Rephrased the legend a bit to make it more clear.

- It's non-trivial to change the name of the flag - it needs to be changed in
several other places and the image files should be renamed as well. Besides,
the name of the flag is never visible to players anyway so I'd prefer to
leave it as it is.

- Ruler titles should be in English. We do allow for foreign titles that are
commonly used in an English context, however. Googled and came up with
"Leader" as a translation of "buruzagia", "King" for "Erregea", and
"President" for "lehendakaria". The latter two are already covered by the
default rules.

- One ruler title (lehendakaria) can only be used for one government.

And a couple of minor things. :)

- Avoid using tabs for layout
- Capitalize proper nouns according to English rules
- English style Roman ordinal numbers
- Separate each city and leader by a comma, or the server will fail to read
the ruleset
- Quotation marks need to be escaped in strings

(file #11376)

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