Follow-up Comment #4, bug #17301 (project freeciv):

> why is it that some borders are permanently visible while 
> others are ephemeral and will disappear from the map when 
> fogged?
That sounds like a bug to me -- I wouldn't expect borders to disappear when
fogged. This isn't a behaviour I've observed, but mostly I've been playing
with SEE_INSIDE. Do you have a savegame? (Is this related to bug #17100

Back to the subject of this ticket: if SEE_INSIDE is too powerful, perhaps a
compromise would be for you to be able to see your own[*] borders unfogged,
but everyone else's would remain fogged? That way you're in no doubt whether a
tile is in your territory, but you don't get instant intelligence about
foreign borders. (You might see the effect of a foreign city encroaching on
your own borders, but that seems reasonable.) This could be another setting
for 'foggedborders'.

[*] and perhaps others' in certain circumstances, such as shared vision.


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