good day
i'm Mike, big fan of Civ since first days of Civ2. it's a big mystery for me 
why freeciv don't have nearly perfect ai after all. I read about problems with 
sudden disappear of "main developer", and big caution about writing new ai from 

i agree that it's a big deal to make any ai, but if i constantly and easily  
win any kind and quantity of freeciv ai, i see no reason for carefull upgrading 
of old-time legacy. since i use several easy-programmable rules while playing, 
maybe someone can spend some time to program ai based on them? since i'm 
ex-programmer, i can easily understand in what terms i'd describe desired ai 
logic, i just have no time for coding.

my goal is to make ideal no-cheating ai, since i saw no worthy one (ever!), and 
most of freeciv-fans are tough guys (i guess) there's no point in trying 
anything less. if we'll make it, it's possible to make easier levels (starting 
from ideal to easy, by downgrading, not by upgrading puny ai).

this ai must use several layers of planning (starting from 1-2 strategic goals 
and then splitting them into more and more detailed goals/orders), casualties 
feedback, self-control (checking % of achieved inner goals).

if anyone is interested, i'll be glad to help.

best regards, Mike

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