As I let the AI play against the AI (= autogames) I do not see this problem. 
Perhaps it would help to add some debugging messages at the time the love for 
the human player is decreased / increased to check _why_ it is done and also 
why the patch for bug #16813 does not solve the problem?

Am Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011, 04:14:12 schrieb Daniel Markstedt:
> Even after fixing bug #16813, I sense AIs hate my guts for no good
> reason whatsoever. In a current game (using trunk code) seven out of
> eight AIs I've made contact with have a constantly worsening attitude
> - only one of them seems to like me (currently: Respectful). They
> don't accept any 'bribes' to get them into a cease-fire. My score is
> among the lowest of the known world so they should hardly see me as a
> threat. My player was isolated on a small island with no international
> contact for the first few dozen turns, if that makes any difference.
> Ideas? :)
> Daniel
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