Follow-up Comment #8, bug #13679 (project freeciv):

> Note that autogame regression testing is made harder by event 
> cache where timestamps are saved. Is there a way to disable 
> this feature while doing autogame testing, or is one supposed 
> to filter it out from savegames afterwards?

Apart from disabling the event cache entirely, it appears not; the "ec_info"
server option only controls what is sent to clients, not what is stored
internally and saved/loaded. I guess disabling the event cache is sufficient,
but otherwise we could add a new option to save dummy timestamps (I think
replacing all the "time(NULL)" in server/notify.c would be sufficient).

The non-determinism you've fixed here presumably has a fairly major effect
right from the start of the game, since it affects start positions.
[ Back in August
2008 we were both running into trouble with non-deterministic autogames; for
me, games would start out the same and suddently diverge after many turns, for
no apparent reason. Do you know if those gremlins have been flushed out in the


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