On 9 Jan, 2011, at 10:12 AM, Jacob Nevins wrote:

> However, the Solar Plant can have a better effect than the Hoover Dam, since
> it can completely eliminate pollution (rather than just reducing it);
> therefore, it's not marked in strike-through.

        I have no quibble with the Solar Plant being an improvement over the 
Hoover Dam, but i question the value of the strike-through marking.  I only see 
it [in the GTK client] when looking at the Production tab.  I don't see it in 
Overview tab, which is what i use most of the time.  There have been several 
instances where i started producing something i didn't need because i forgot i 
already had it through some other means and i didn't get that visual feedback.  
Is there some setting somewhere that i can change?  Otherwise i will file a new 
ticket asking for the strike-through markings to be carried over into the 
Overview tab.

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