Hi Vincent,

The points you raise in this email is for the whole Freeciv community
to discuss. As such, I'm forwarding this to the freeciv-dev at gna.org
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Daniel Markstedt

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 11:55 PM, me <mrge...@gmx.de> wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I love strategy games like Civilization, Supreme Ruler 2020, Europa
> Universalis, Medieval Total War..
> I can point out the things I like about them, but I guess as strategy gamer
> yourself you already know,
> so I'll point out differences between them.
> Civilization covers a large time span from 4000BC to 2100 AD. It's less
> combat orientated but more in
> the sense of building cities/country while maintaining a nice combat force
> to conquer and expand.
> not many tech, not much reality related, as close to make it look real, but
> not really.
> SSupreme ruler 2020 is mostly combat tactics orientated on the large scale,
> continent/country wise,
> it's not about building up your country, industries(well some raw buildup)
> but mostly getting your
> army effective, conquer and win. It has a very small time span to play, but
> technological advancement
> is very close to reality, each new development doesn't give you HUGE MEGA
> boosts as in civ(which in
> real life is the case for most techs, only few major breakthroughs are
> really that much a difference, mostly
> covered in civilization) but supreme ruler also includes the minor changes..
> it has thousands of unique units for each country..
> it maintains fast playable even on a large map of thousands of tiles..
> it has sophisticated supply lines, and combat tactics including very
> sophisticated politics, economics, trade
> Europe Universalis plays combats not as single units, but in the sense of
> battle groups, also it's lands are
> not hex based, but area based.. you conquer not per tile, but per area.. it
> is also from the time span limited
> but not as supreme ruler 2020 in the modern age, but europe between the dark
> ages and enlightning..
> Medieval Total war, kinda same, not as great as civ of course, but it has a
> nice feature, allowing you
> to play combats on battle fields in a 3d scene.. Youi can choose auto-AI for
> battles(civ style) but can
> also go into the game, using the trees, forest, hills, rivers, walls, wind
> etc for your combat advantages,
> or disadvantages.. ie. a smart player can win even of an inferior opponent
> by using the natural elements
> smart or keep your army in the proper formation..
> well, I think you can feel what I'm aiming at?
> How about combining those elements in 1 game..
> Fast!
> 3D!
> Tech-Tree reality orientated!
> For those who like micro managing war battles, a 3d scenery for the big
> important battles!
> etc etc...
> Now the point is, I and some friends of mine do know programming in c++  and
> c#, we'd prefer to go
> for c++ as it will be faster, and where thinking about porting freeciv in a
> 3d environment..
> since the job will be huge and take years of development, we need dedicated
> people to help us,
> or we can help, anyway, to be sure the project won't die.
> In your freeciv community we have these people...
> So the idea was, we put a nice 3d engine over freeciv, while you guys keep
> maintaining the good work
> you've done, and based on that, we can create a new freeciv 3
> I saw many people work on freeciv, but I'm not sure what is your goal,
> objectives,
> and if you would agree to our idea of an "ultimate" freeciv3d
> advancted combat tactics
> advanced 3d landscape with 3d effects on battle outcome
> advanced economics, instead of civ non realistic rules..
> supply lines
> also we want advanced resource systems..
> resources placed on an earth map like in reality,
> and advance international trading system like in reality with supply and
> demand making the price
> resources needed as per tonnage, barrel, etc..
> raw resources (oil) needs to be refined to get other resources.. gasoline,
> monomer, etc..
> those on their turn can be turned into plastics, etc..
> the idea is, the resources on the planet are limited as in reality..
> BUT, as you gain future techs, you get recycling, you can go dig in your
> waste deposits..
> energy economy will slowly turn to solar, Hydrogen, etc..
> In short:"we want a true civilization simulation in a nice 3 d package"
> Now the question is:would your team members be interested leveling freeciv
> up to the next dimension,
> or does this go beyond the objectives of the freeciv community?
> Yours faithfully,
> Vincent Veldman

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