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> The points you raise in this email is for the whole Freeciv community
> to discuss. As such, I'm forwarding this to the freeciv-dev at gna.org
> mailing list.


>> How about combining those elements in 1 game..
>> Fast!
>> 3D!
>> Tech-Tree reality orientated!
>> For those who like micro managing war battles, a 3d scenery for the big
>> important battles!

        Here are my thoughts, whether or not they are worth anything:

* Fast; sure, fast is good.
* 3D; personally i find 3D to more of a distraction than a benefit.
* Tech-Tree; this sounds good, and shouldn't need more than a new ruleset to 
* micro managing war battles; i'm not sure there's a practical way to reconcile 
this with online play.  Put together a proof of concept, and we'll go from 

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