Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2597 (project freeciv):

> - Files of win32 are removed from to remove them 
>   from translation
Well, that's what I'm keenest on. I've raised it as a separate ticket (patch
#2619). I intend to commit this to S2_3 soon so that our newest translators
don't waste their time.

Also attached here is my best guess at what it would take to remove gui-win32
from trunk entirely (in addition to removing all files from client/gui-win32/
and m4/win32-client.m4).

Personally I'd like to see the dead code go, as it clutters up my searches
and creates in me the irrational urge to keep the win32 code in sync; but I
expect I could just make my ctags/cscope configuration just ignore the
gui-win32 directory instead.

> - ftwl would be removed from distribution tarball (it's already 
>   not translated)
(I've been leaving ftwl alone, as I don't entirely understand what it is.)

(file #12780)

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