Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17984 (project freeciv):

> In attached savegame, after completing turn, you will see that 
> the growth of Beneventum appears to be blocked (see attached 
> screenshot).
> I know that growth may be blocked by not having some 
> improvements. but this is not the case.
> see growth_blocked savefile and screenshots
I think this is a misdiagnosis by the client.
Beneventum starts out at size 2 with foodbox 27/30, food +0.
Its garrison is then attacked by the Khazars, who win. Since it has no city
walls, its population is reduced by 1. Foodbox is then clipped to 20/20.
The client then calls common/city.c:city_turns_to_grow() to determine what to
display. The function is advertised as returning 0 if growth is blocked; this
happens if foodbox is full -- the code assumes that this can only be the case
if growth is blocked (which is normally true).
However, in this case, growth isn't really blocked, it's just an artifact of
the order in which the attack and "city turn" processing happened; if you hit
"Turn Done" again, Beneventum does grow.
Not sure what the fix is.

> Also, seems the if a city can grow but growing is unable to 
> support the citizen that will be created, it grows anyway.
This is a separate bug/wish, which should probably be under a separate
ticket. Some of the logic implemented for a similar situation in migration
(mgr_foodneeded) may help here.


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