Follow-up Comment #7, bug #17970 (project freeciv):

Having an "end turn phase" and a "begin turn phase" makes sense to me, but
the shuffling bug still needs to be addressed.  The comments regarding claim that player order is shuffled.  On my Windows
Vista system, with only myself and 4 AI players, using the default
"phasemode=ALL", almost all "between turn" actions are not shuffled and I get
to make my move first.

The only exception seems to be if the AI buys a unit to garrison an empty
city.  When I land next to an empty city and set my "goto" to take it next
turn, sometimes a unit will appear and prevent the walk-in.  Maybe I'll kill
the unit by attacking it, maybe I'll die against a city wall.  I am
speculating that this is because the AI bought the unit, as I haven't actually
traced the code to know for sure.  However it seems consistent with my tactic
of running the AIs out of gold so that they can't instantly buy garrison

When I attack an empty city, AI units next to the empty city *never* move
back into the city before I've attacked.  Possibly the AI is completely stupid
and just doesn't realize it can make that move.  On the other hand, *I* pull
that trick all the time.  I can stand just outside my own empty city, with an
enemy AI unit threatening it, set the "goto," and move back in before the AI
gets to attack.  This proves to me that I always move first in this situation,
that it is never shuffled.


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