On 29 April 2011 20:19, Jack Brumfield <j...@i-contain.com> wrote:
> I would like to start out with we here at OaXio/Amiga love your game
> FreeCiv. We are getting ready to launch a new line of Computers and would
> love to have your game come pre-installed at the factory. We would love to
> talk about this further, if you would be up for it.

 First of all Freeciv is licensed under GPL (version 2 or higher). We
couldn't change that even if we wanted. If you find this unacceptable
for Freeciv's inclusion to your system, there's no point in discussing
this any further.

 You are asking someone to port Freeciv to your new line of Computers?
Are you expecting it to be free work from the community, or can money
be involved? (In either case resulting port would still be Open Source
under GPL license) I'm asking about the possibility to do this as paid
professional as I currently could see myself using working hours for
this instead of doing it only as hobby (for which I don't currently
have much time)

 - ML

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