- As instructed in README, I run ./build.sh in freeciv-web directory.
It fails when it tries to cp file to
~/freeciv-build/resin-4.0.18/webapps/ as I don't have any
~/freeciv-build directory. I don't see from the instructions when such
a directory is supposed to be created. Does this mean that document
assumes that I have installed requirements (such as resin) to such an
predefined (but undocumented) location?

 - Freeciv comfiguration failed due to missing glib-2.29 dependency.
That's obviously something to be resolved before any merge can take
place. Main freeciv is supposed to be supported in quite old systems
compared to release dates. So everything depending on something that
is only development version, not even released, is definitely no no.
Note that it's ok for *additional functionality* (such as freeciv.net)
to depend on newer versions of glib as long as the usual freeciv
functionality is available with older glib. We may have other similar
"freeciv.net requirements are unacceptable to main freeciv" -problems.
What this glib-2.29 is needed for?

 - ML

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