Follow-up Comment #4, bug #18221 (project freeciv):

I really should have read code more carefully before sending previous
comment. Actually you do get upkeep back when building or unit is being sold
(at least function headers claim so).

But it now seems to me that there's bug in that not enough buildings/units is
being sold. Just max one of each is being sold. So you can be paying upkeep
for 100 units taking your balance very much negative, and then you get back
upkeep for just one.

Check for continuing selling is not about if there still is units/buildings
remaining to be sold. Instead number of available buildings/units are compared
to variables. And these variables are set to number of remaining
buildings/units when first one is sold -> they will certainly be same as
number of available buildings/units when considering selling second one ->
second one is never sold.


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