Follow-up Comment #12, bug #13643 (project freeciv):

Some random questions:

Unless I've missed something, the area of authentication and databases in
Freeciv is short on documentation. It would be nice if there were some sort of
README.auth or README.fcdb explaining how a server operator would set up
authentication -- I'm finding that I have to reverse engineer it from the
code. (This was true already, but the instructions will presumably be
different after this work.)

Is the database.lua checked in to trunk intended to work with backends other
than MySQL? I ask because it references luasql._MYSQLVERSION. Is a server
operator who wants to use (say) SQLite expected to rewrite database.lua?

Talking of dependencies on MySQL, we've discovered in bug #18170 that
database.lua:user_save() depends on the SQL function "md5()" (as did the C
code that pre-dated it). Is this supported by backends other than MySQL
(SQLite, Postgres)? It smells like a proprietary extension; I can't find
mention of it in the SQLite docs.
I'm inclined to move the MD5 generation into the Freeciv core code, where the
MD5 verification already is. Alternatively, verification could be moved out of
the core code into Lua, I suppose.


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