Follow-up Comment #13, bug #13643 (project freeciv):

I hope to have internet ready at the end of this week - after the backlog is
finished I can also start doing something for freeciv again ...

> Unless I've missed something, the area of authentication and 
> databases in Freeciv is short on documentation. It would be nice 
> if there were some sort of README.auth or README.fcdb explaining 
> how a server operator would set up authentication -- I'm finding 
> that I have to reverse engineer it from the code. (This was true 
> already, but the instructions will presumably be different after 
> this work.) 

I will do such an README file

> Is the database.lua checked in to trunk intended to work with 
> backends other than MySQL? I ask because it references 
> luasql._MYSQLVERSION. Is a server operator who wants to use 
> (say) SQLite expected to rewrite database.lua?

At the moment it is mainly the old backend (mysql). For other backends such a
lua file has to be written. THe main difference would be to replace all
references to the mysql lua module to another luasql module.

> Talking of dependencies on MySQL, we've discovered in bug 
> #18170 that database.lua:user_save() depends on the SQL 
> function "md5()" (as did the C code that pre-dated it). Is 
> this supported by backends other than MySQL (SQLite, 
> Postgres)? It smells like a proprietary extension; I can't 
> find mention of it in the SQLite docs.
> I'm inclined to move the MD5 generation into the Freeciv core 
> code, where the MD5 verification already is. Alternatively, 
> verification could be moved out of the core code into Lua, I 
> suppose.

I propose to do it in freeciv (or lua). Thus, there is no dependency on the
database backend to have this function. I will check this.


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