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On 29 June 2011 18:59, Nimrod Le Dim <> wrote:

>   Hi folks,
> Sorry if this seems redundant, but is the main Freeciv Metaserver down?
> I posted a new 
> thread<>on
>  the Wikia Help Desk page since my attempts at finding information about
> the failure isn’t coming up with anything. Plus, it seems that the web
> forums may be hosted on the same box as it is equally unreachable...
> Here’s the thread I created with the meager troubleshooting that I’ve done.
> The DNS errors lead me to believe that the server has been down for a
> while...uh oh.
> Thanks to Mark’s alternate 
> metaserver<>I can at 
> least find game servers [image:
> Smile]

 Thats's actually the main metaserver nowadays, just known by many names.
There's only the dns problem in reaching it through meta.freeciv.orgaddress.

 - ML


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