Follow-up Comment #7, bug #17747 (project freeciv):

1) The system really does send an email to the given address, and furthermore
anyone who adds a comment will get an email that has a CC: of everyone who
contributed to the discussion.  So yeah, you now have my email address. 
Perhaps we can coax GNA to use a BCC: instead?  That's the only thing i can
think of that won't stifle discussion...

2) I didn't test it right now, but IIRC the banner on the web page displays a
username [if Savane has one available] instead of the naked email address.  If
so, then posting anonymously is less secure than creating an account - the
system has no other way to refer to you than by your address.

3) Similarly, bug reports always display the username of the original
submitter.  Where the name is 'None' [i.e., anonymous] then the additional
field called Originator Email is also displayed, because we simply have to
have some way to contact the OP.  AFAIK, these tracker items never go away
even when closed - your address is attached to this item more or less

4) The web page banner is sent in a 'private' packet from the server to your
browser.  While it is certainly possible for that packet to be intercepted, it
should be far easier for a cracker to access the email with all of our
addresses in it.  I suggest that is the area that could use the most attention
from the administrators.

5) Right now this is being sent inside a HTTPS session.  IDK if this is also
true for 'anonymous' posts.

5) The project does have some responsibility for the privacy of it's
community members, but arguably those users have as much or more
responsibility for their own privacy.  The moral of this story is that not
having an account is inherently less secure than having one.  If you insist on
being 'anonymous' then you would be better served by getting an additional
free email address and use that address only with the project.


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