Follow-up Comment #8, bug #17747 (project freeciv):

(OP here)
1) I'm not referring to the CC in the email, although admittedly BCC would be
a nice idea, too.

2) I *was* referring to anonymous bug reports. I as "another" anonymous can
find the first anonymous' contact information by just adding a comment to an
anonymous bug report.

3) I am not and was not logged in as user. User accounts tend to pile up and
rot plus have a tendency to have unsafe shared passwords - the fewer the
better. It would be nice if gna respected this. ANYWAYS: I don't mind if the
people from the project see my contact info. Not at all. They need it. If
you're logged in and have this bug report assigned, by all means, do contact
me. But if I am NOT logged in and don't have anything to do with the bug
report, just by submitting a comment, I shouldn't be able to find out the
originator's email.

4) I am not concerned about anyone intercepting this. I am concerned about a
third party coming along, and adding a comment to a bug report just to find
out who reported it. It's no big deal, but it's a very unexpected way of
exposing one's email address, if the rest of the bug reports give you the
impression that the email is actually not shared (see, e.g., the cc list,
where the anonymous originator's is NOT displayed, as well as other places
that give you the impression there's been some effort to guard the email

5) HTTPS or not is not and was never the concern.

second 5) well, fix that. I shouldn't need an account to retain privacy just
because I find a bug in project XYZ and me idiot takes the time to report it.
I don't know how many website / group accounts you have, but I have too many

Finally) Please have a look at the screenshot I posted. If you can reproduce
getting my email displayed anonymously just by adding a comment here, then I
continue to claim that this is a bug in GNA. It CANNOT be accepted GNA default
operation to spew out its users data - anonymous or not.

I understand the points you raised, but most of them are IMO not catching the
aspect about which I created the bug report. And also about not pushing out
people's email: I'd really appreciate if BUG #18310 got my email address
removed from its visible portion.


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