Marko Lindqvist writes (of bug #17962):
>  I think I can cross-compile new build, but cannot get to Windows
> machine to test it. But co-operation sounds good, if you cannot build
> but can test. :-)

Great, thanks!

>  I'd like to get freeciv-modpack icon included to that build so you
> could verify it at the same time. It would be also great if someone
> checks if S2_3 Windows freeciv-modpack works at all.

I'll try to give it a go.

>  Let me know when you have downloaded everything so I can free some
> precious diskspace from

I've now downloaded all six files from

as well as, although I'm not going to do anything
with them immediately.

(I've also downloaded your S2_3 r19844 for comparison, in case comparing
with the official beta4 binaries isn't a fair comparison.)

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