On 19 July 2011 19:29, Marko Lindqvist <cazf...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  Well, according to our documentation we cannot make 2.3.0 directly
> with the fixes, but are expected to make RC2.
>  OTOH, I find our RC-policy broken in general. Why we have RCs for
> a.b.0 release, but not for later, even more stable, releases from the
> same branch? You would be allowed to commit similar fixes just minutes
> before 2.3.1 release, but cannot commit them any time between RC and
> 2.3.0?

 So, considering all sides of this matter, my personal opinion is that
you should commit them as soon as possible so that they can get some
test coverage before 2.3.0 release. I'll try to make some "2.3.0-RC1+"
windows build as soon as they are in.

 - ML

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