Update of bug #18396 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                         => 2.3.1,2.4.0            


Follow-up Comment #1:

I can reproduce the options issues on Linux with the French localisation, and
I'm got a pretty good idea how this could be going wrong. (Rats, should have
spotted this earlier.)

I can't reproduce the issues with the help on Linux, however. Haven't tried
Windows myself yet. Not sure what's going on there. The bulleted stuff you
refer to is autogenerated in the code, which explains why it might be

Hope it's not some Windows line-ending (n vs rn) thing... is it _all_ the
hand-written bits of the help?

I notice that in your screenshot, the Deep Ocean help text mirrors its
formatting in terrain.ruleset, complete with line break and leading space
before "seaworthy"; the line break should be removed and the space folded.
Does the non-localised help reflow properly if you resize the window
horizontally? Is it all like this?


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