Branching of S2_4 is only a couple of Months away. With any new feature
ideas I'm already defaulting to 2.5 target in my private TODO.
Here is some thoughts about what I plan to do myself for 2.4 and 2.5.


I consider development phase of default AI as loadable module to be
completed. I don't plan any other big AI changes to 2.4. I may do some
minor preparatory work for 2.5 features already.
During 2.5 development I plan to actively develop threaded ai module.
Also organization of ai related code common to all ai modules is something
I'll concentrate during 2.5 development. This includes things like
difficulty level and traits (new feature in itself), I'm not yet sure
how handicaps will be classified in that system.


It would be good thing to have real gtk3-client in 2.4 already, but schedule
is probably too tight. My current goal is that both gtk-clients would use
cairo in 2.4, but so called gtk3-client is probably still gtk2-program and
renamed accordingly ("freeciv-gtk2x") in S2_4.


Not really my personal priority. I hope somebody else gets active with this.
If nobody does, I'm currently listing this as something I actively do during
2.*6* development.


I have a number of networking related improvements in mind. As this is not
really one big feature, but a lot of individual improvements, I'm making
them constantly with slow rate. Some of them make it to 2.4, others only
to 2.5

libcurl usage

This was originally in 2.4 feature list, but I've decided to postpone
remaining part, metaserver <-> client communication, to 2.5 since it adds
new requirements to Freeciv. Avoiding that requirement for now is much more
important than using libcurl between metaserver and client (which is mainly

code documentation

All functions in maintained code (that is: not gui-ftwl or gui-win32)
should have function headers in 2.4
Actively adding doxygen markup is 2.5 work.

"set but unused variable" compiler warnings

These new warnings from gcc 4.6 should be fixed in 2.4. We can consider
them bugs so that they can be fixed even after S2_4 has been branched.
Note that in S2_2 and S2_3 warning was simply disabled.

Unit orientation

I consider this feature finished for now once a couple of already existing
scripting patches have been committed.

I'll be more active in freeciv and merge during 2.5 development

Warclient merge

Remaining warclient features should be merged to freeciv proper during


No real plans. Marked as something for 2.*6* in my private notes.

 - ML

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