On Thu, 28 Jul 2011, Marko Lindqvist wrote:

On 27 July 2011 19:17, Andreas Røsdal <andre...@pvv.ntnu.no> wrote:
On Wed, 27 Jul 2011, Marko Lindqvist wrote:


I'll be more active in freeciv and freeciv.net merge during 2.5

Great, Marko. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and don't
hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!

Well, first we need common grounds to work on. We need patches to
apply to *current* freeciv trunk in order to get freeciv.net version
of it. Do you have such patches, or do you plan to update them soon?

I don't have such patches yet, but it would be possible to modify the freeciv.net codebase to work with current freeciv trunk.

Currently you have modified freeciv in freeciv.net version control.
I'm going to make new implementation so that patches are applied only
build time, making maintenance (update of freeciv version used) much


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