Follow-up Comment #24, bug #18396 (project freeciv):

Status of this ticket:
* Option translation fix is straightforward, committed, and will be in
* Help translation is more involved:
** We know it's a line-ending issue.
** I found an issue with opening files in binary mode that came in with bzip2
support. However, the fix doesn't seem to make any difference to this issue,
so I'm not inclined to rush it into RC2. I've split it out into a separate
ticket (bug #18434).
** We've discussed changing the line endings in the distribution package, but
that's a can of worms, so has been split to patch #2829, and is not for RC2.
** I have a "proper" fix to make Freeciv robust against this sort of thing,
patch #2843. But I'm nervous about rushing it into RC2.
** Which leaves the *only* plan to fix this in RC2 to make the Windows
packaging use Unix line endings for text files, as the 2.2.x packaging did.


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