Follow-up Comment #6, bug #18044 (project freeciv):

Again, the root cause seems to be that the AI loses track of these units. 
Perhaps the unit has a mission to go to a certain destination and naively
assumes that you will carry it in the right direction.  If you deposit it on a
continent other than what is expected, it doesn't know what to do.  I've seen
this happen quite a bit with Caravans.

"Unload All" is not the only way, it turns out.  When the transport is in any
of your cities, you can select the stowaway and force it [and only it] to
unload.  But yes, this still only works inside an owned city.  It would be
beneficial if the same could be done from any tile [provided, of course, that
there is an adjacent tile or transport that the cargo unit can safely go to].


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